25 Bands | Biography

25Band is an Iranian band from Bam, Iran. They are based on Persian pop, hip hop, R&B, and Electronic music. 25Band consists of lead vocalist Tamin, rapper A-del and drummer, percussionist and songwriter Abbas Rezaieipour.

25Band was formed in February 2010 when they released their debut single Vaghte Parvaz (Time to Fly). Their style is a mixture of pop/electro as well as R&B, Hiphop, Jazz, Pop and Trance. They currently live in California, United States of America.

They also had many interviews with Iranian channels such as BBC Persian and VOA Persian, Farsi1, GemTV and Manoto.

TADI is the name of the brand that does all of 25Band’s video clips editing and directing. TADI= T A (Tamin & A-del) D I (taken from their surnames)

“Vaghte Parvaz”
“Az Man Nagzar”
“Bia Bia”
“bereseh Mah”
“Emshab Mikham”
“Cheghadr Tanhayee Bade”
“Ye Baade Khonak”
“Hagh Ba Tost”
“Gahi Vaghta”
“Daram Yakh Mizanam”
“Daram yakh Mizanam ( Remix )”
“Hamishe Ba Hamim”
“Bash Ta Bebini”
“Az Pisham Miri”
“Tooye Rahe Eshghim”
“Bavar Album” 2015 Released ( 8 Tracks )

25Band’s concerts till now:

25Band at Casa Vertigo in Los Angeles Bavar Album Release Celebration 20 Dec 2015 United states of America
25Band in Chicago 5 Sep 2015 United states of America
25Band at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas 25 Dec 2014 United states of America
Persian New Year Concert at Black Magic Hall, 20 March 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
25Band at KL Live, 14 September 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
25Band at Chancery Pavilion Hall, 6 June 2013, Bangalore, India.
25Band at The Forum concert hall, 16 Feb 2014, London, UK.
25Band at Dubai World Trade Center, 30 July 2014, Dubai, UAE.