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Pouya is an Iranian singer. He is most famous for his 2000 “Safar” (Journey) song. Pouya’s songs has spread out among Iranians, Afghans and other Persian speaking people. Pouya performs Persian pop music and he currently lives in Los Angeles, California.
Pouya was born in Bandar Anzali, Gilan, Iran in 1975, to Iranian parents. He left Iran to London with his father when he was 12 years old. After 12 years living in London he moved to Los Angeles and began his music career. He released his first album in 2000 called Ghatreyeh Baran.

2000 Ghatreyeh Baran
2003 Gharibaneh
2004 Roya (Dream)
2008 Tasvir
2014 Tabe Tond
Personal life
Pouya was seen with a girlfriend

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