Shadmehr Aghili (Persian: شادمهر عقیلی‎‎; born 27 January 1973) is an Iranian Persian pop singer, musician, composer, music arranger, producer and song-writer, and formerly an actor. Aghili was born in Tehran, Iran. He emigrated to Canada first, but currently resides in Los Angeles.

He joined earlier in music industry and learned piano, guitar and mostly violin and some other instruments , selection teacher picked saxophone instrument but he insisted on violin that he mostly likes and finally graduated from the Tehran Conservatory of Music.

He has worked at the IRIB (the official broadcasting of Iran) for a while. He released his cassette album Bahar e Man (My Spring) in 1997, an instrumental music album where he played piano, guitar and violin. The album Fasl e Ashenayi (Season of Acquaintance) in 1998, was another great effort with a number of collaborations. The follow up Mosafer (Traveler) was also well received by the public. Aghili appeared also on screen with the movie Par e Parvaz (Wings to Fly), a best-seller in Iran for that year. He also wrote the soundtrack for the film. He had also a lead role in Shab-e Berahne (The Naked Night).

Aghili immigrated to Canada where he was signed to Nova Media. His first album in Canada was Khiali Nist (Never Mind), quickly followed by Doori o Pashimani (Separation and Regret), Adam Foroush (Double-crosser) and Popcorn.

He released Taghdir (Fate), a highly praised[according to whom?] album on a new contract with Century Records, in 2009. And in 2012, Tarafdaar (On Your Side) was released on Avang Music.

Shadmehr Aghili is a versatile artist, violinist and musician.[4][5] Beside of his prominent use of piano, guitar and violin, he also plays santur,[6] mandolin, trumpet, harmonica,[7] keyboard, banjo, and koto[8] in some recordings. Shadmehr also remains active politically recording a track in 2010, conveying his support of the Iranian Green Movement recorded over background music, encouraging Iranian people to protest against their government and using music as a tool to get to freedom and liberty. And in 2012, in a collaboration with singer Ebi, he released the anti-war Royay e Ma (Globally released A Dream) in support of World Vision USA and World Vision Canada.



Albums Title Persian Native meaning Note
1997 Bahar e Man بهار من My Spring Instrumental
Fasl e Ashenayi فصل آشنایی Season of Acquaintance
Mosafer مسافر The Traveler
Dehaty دهاتی The Villager
Mashgh e Sokoot مشق سکوت Rehearsal of Silence
Naghmeha ye Mashreghi نغمه های شرقی Eastern Tunes Instrumental
2001 Par e Parvaz پر پرواز Wings to Fly Soundtracks of a same-title film
Doori o Pashimani دوری و پشیمانی Separation and Regret
Khiali Nist خیالی نیست Never Mind After migrating to Canada
2004 Adam Foroush آدم فروش Double-crosser
2005 Popcorn پاپ‌کورن
2009 Taghdir تقدیر Fate
2012 Tarafdaar طرفدار On Your Side
2016 Tajrobeh Kon fa:تجربه کن Experience It
1994 Shaam-e Ghariban شام غریبان The Night of Homeless
2000 Fariba فریبا Faribaa (lit. Charming)
2002 Adam o Hava آدم و حوا Adam and Eve
2004 Rag-e Khaab رگ خواب Blind Spot Instrumental, released in Iran, after his migration to Canada
2006 Talafi تلافی Retaliation
2007 Sabab سبب Reason Leaked work
2010 Antique آنتیک Antique
20 Album


No. Title Native title Length
1. “tu Binahayat e Shab” (Through the Infinity of Night) تو بی نهایت شب 06:17
2. “Ghafas” (Cage) قفس 06:00
3. “Atr-o Shabnam” (Scent and Dew) عطر و شبنم 05:03
4. “Shab-e Berahne” (The Naked Night) شبه برهنه 02:57
5. “Dadashi” (Dear Brother) داداشی 07:14
6. “gham-e Tanhayi” (Sorrow of Loneliness) غم تنهایی 04:09
8. “Lahze-ye Asheghane” (Romantic Moment) لحظه‌ی عاشقانه 02:21
9. “Delshekasteh” (Heartbroken) دلشکسته 03:43
10. “Bazicheh” (Plaything) بازیچه 03:55
11. “Shaam-e Ghariban” (The Eleventh Night) شام غريبان 05:00
12. “Zemestoon” (Winter) زمستون 04:14
13. “Khanoom Khanooma” (Mademoiselle) خانوم خانوما 03:10
14. “Adat” (Habit) عادت 04:12
15. “Azadi” (Freedom) آزادی 03:33
16. “Khial” (Thought) خیال 03:12
17. “Halam Avaz Mishe” (I Get Better) حالم عوض مي‌شه 05:18
18. “Ayandeh” (Future) آینده 04:10
19. “Entekhab” (Choose) انتخاب 04:16
20. “Royaye Ma” (A Dream, featuring Ebi) رویای ما 03:51
21. “Ye Dokhtar” (A Girl, (Featuring Ebi, a social and political track)) یه دختر 05:27
22. “Rabeteh” (Relation) رابطه 04:57
23. “Marouf” (famous) معروف 03:54
24. “Gomet Kardam” (Lost You) گمت کردم 04:01
25. “Hesse Khoubiye” (It’s a good feeling) حس خوبیه 04:22
26. “Faghat Ba To Eshgham” (Love Alone With You) فقط با تو عشقم 03:53


2000: Par-e Parvaz (“Wings to Fly”) (Soundtracks of a film of the same name)

2001: Shab-e Berahne (“The Naked Night”) (Soundtracks of a film of the same name)


No. Title Note and Original Title Length
1. “Par-e Parvaz” (Wings to Fly) 2000 – پر پرواز
2. “Shab-e Berahne” (The Naked Night)